The Sioux Drum

The drum is not just a musical instrument. To the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota people, it holds great cultural and symbolic power. They believe the drum has a life of its own, as well as its own powerful spirit. The drum is the heartbeat of the Indian Nation. It carries the heartbeat of Mother Earth and calls the spirits and nations together.

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Passamaquoddy Song of the Stars

Passamaquoddy song of the stars

This is an Abenaki-Passamaquoddy song collected in Maine by Charles G. Leland around 1882; he gives a phonetic version of it in the language dialect of that time, “Glint-wah-gnour, Pes Sausmok, or “This is the Song of the Stars.” Passamaquoddy Song of the Stars » »

Blood quantum song lyrics

Blood Quantum by the Indigo Girls

Indigo Girlsblood quantum
you’re standing in the blood quantum line
with a pitcher in your hand
poured from your heart into your veins
you said i am
i am
i am

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Pawnee Song of the Birds

All around the birds in flocks are flying.
Dipping, rising, circling, see them coming.
See, many birds are flocking here,
All about us now together coming.

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Black Fire, Navajo musicians

Black Fire is a trio of Navajo punkers who are basically very underground, very native american, rage against the machine (before Zack Delarocha left).

Except they’re better, not because of their music, which was simple, hard, feedback-laden screaming punk rock (plus a small bit of navajo chanting thrown in for variety) and would have been serious mosh pit music back in the day, or even tonight if there had been more than twelve people in the room, all of us old enough to have the “Pits are for kids! I’m too old to slam” mentality. Black Fire, Navajo musicians » »

Introducing N8V native hard rock band

N8V is a Seattle based original rock band with Chris Lukin – Guitar/Lead Vox, Ray Wagner – Bass, Electric Jake – Lead Guitar/Vox and Bryan Holland – Drums. Ray and Chris are from the Alutiiq (Aleut) Tribe on Kodiak Island in Alaska, where they grew up together in the small fishing village of Port Lions. Introducing N8V native hard rock band » »