Passamaquoddy Song of the Stars


This is an Abenaki-Passamaquoddy song collected in Maine by Charles G. Leland around 1882; he gives a phonetic version of it in the language dialect of that time, “Glint-wah-gnour, Pes Sausmok, or “This is the Song of the Stars.”

Passamaquoddy song of the stars
We are the stars who sing,

we sing with our light;
We are the birds of fire,
we fly over the sky.

Our light is a voice…
We make a road for the spirits,
for the spirits to pass over.

Among us are three hunters
who chase a bear.
There never was a time
when they were not hunting.

We look down on the mountains.
This is the song of the stars.

—-Passamaquoddy Song

in Algonquian Legends, Dover reprint (1992) of Leland’s 1884 book pubished by Houghton Mifflin.