Introducing N8V native hard rock band


N8V is a Seattle based original rock band with Chris Lukin – Guitar/Lead Vox, Ray Wagner – Bass, Electric Jake – Lead Guitar/Vox and Bryan Holland – Drums. Ray and Chris are from the Alutiiq (Aleut) Tribe on Kodiak Island in Alaska, where they grew up together in the small fishing village of Port Lions.

They fished commercially during the summers with their dads and uncles while growing up to make money. After finishing high school Chris and Ray moved to the Seattle area to join the construction trades.

Over the last eight or so years they have become a journeyman electrician and plumber at the same time becoming musicians and writing songs together. Electric Jake, Ray and Chris met about six years ago when Jake first moved to Seattle from the East Coast.

Jake joined up with N8V last summer (2006) after Ray and Chris asked him to record some lead guitar tracks for them on “12steps back” and “Black Soul”. The drummer Bryan is from Spokane, WA and has been in the band for about two months after answering a drummer ad. He does not play on any of N8Vz recordings at the moment but will be on the EP. 

N8Vz  songs are about Native culture, history and life in the Villages of Alaska and on the reservations.

N8V is not about becoming glamorous rock stars, rather setting a positive example for young Natives. N8V would like to send a positive message to the young Natives and spread a little bit of Native American history and culture through their music. In new songs like “Nations Rise” and “What about the REZ” which haven’t been recorded yet, N8V sings about history, truth and the fact that they believe Native people can do anything they want in this day no matter where they come from? They can be proud and honor their roots always.

N8V just returned from a small tour which included playing at The Cat Club on Sunset Strip in Hollywood, where the audience and club staff was very impressed, stating that N8V is a fresh rock sound and unique to the scene. They loved the idea of Native Americans using rock music to tell a story of their people.

N8V also played two nights at the Gathering of Nations Powwow on the Reach the REZ Concert Stage with Litefoot. N8V would like to play more on the reservations and at powwows/native gatherings to get their music to as many natives as possible as well as other cultures.

A lot of FM and Internet Native Stations across the country and Canada play N8Vz songs “12steps back,” “Black Soul,” and the first recording of “Nations Rise” which will be re-recorded in the studio as soon as possible. Such programs as; REZ ROCK – a worldwide internet program and the Native Hand of Grandfather program on XM Radio play tracks from N8V, as well.

Last week N8V was #16 in the top 25 on No Time Warp Radio in Phoenix, between Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. N8V believes they can bring a good message and set a positive example for the native audience. N8V wants to record and release their first EP by the middle of this summer.

If you’re interested in a demo or have any info regarding Native events that may be upcoming, please let us know. Thanks for your time.



Chris and the N8V band can be contacted at for bookings or interviews.