Aaron White


Aaron White is a Grammy nominated Native American musician, singer, songwriter, composer, Native American flute maker /player, artist, and lecturer on the Native American Flute and music. He is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Aaron is from the Dine (Navajo/Ute) of Arizona.


Aaron White, Grammy nominated guitaristGrammy Nominated Aaron White has a mix of Native American sounds and modern music. He mixes the traditional and main stream with world music overtones from solo acoustic instrumentals, Native American flute melodies to reggae, and acoustic blues rock.

His musical influences come from different experiences from the life he has lived and the people he has met being in rock bands and blues bands and taking from his Native roots and up bringing and traditional influences and values.

Solo Folk Acoustic Flutist


Bluestone Project

Band Members:

Aaron White
Guitarist, Flutist
Gary Rasmussen
Guitarist / Bassist
Ed Michaels
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Record Labels:
Whistling Wind Music
Canyon Records
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Aaron White has performed with the Flagstaff Symphony, collaborated with John Densmore of the Doors and shared the stage with numerous artists such as Taj Mahal, Jackson Browne, Bruce Cockburn, Shawn Colvin, Alvin YoungBlood Hart.

You can say Aaron has a sound that is vibrant and alive with culture, nature and beauty. He was with the group Burning Sky for 12 years, Skychasers for 3 years, and now with Blue Stone Project for 5 years, and performs as a solo artist when not with his group.

Aaron White and Anthony Wakeman released their first cd in May of 2011, “Handprints of Our People” on the Canyon Records label. His first group Burning Sky had a Grammy Nomination in 2003 for Best Native American Recording and won for Group of the Year for 2003 from the Native American Music Awards.

Aaron White, flutistAaron has been on the road for about 18 years and wouldn’t change it for the world. Aaron White has performed at the Lincoln Center and The Museum of the American Indian in New York City, and has done many performances for major private Corporate Functions around the country, such as Hermes of Paris, World Scotland Bank, Chase Bank, Mars Co, Teva, Super Bowl XL11 New York Giants Party, Porsche Car Co, and Sprint, to name a few.

Aaron has many film and television credits to his name from ABC to PBS and Sundance Film Festival entries and Independent film productions. He currently has been playing with his group the Bluestone Project along with performing solo around the country.

Aaron is a award winning Native American Flute maker. When not on the road giging he is giving lectures on the Native American Flute and the history of the instrument.

Popular Songs

Popular or famous Aaron White music songs include Twilight, Taking My Time, Two-Hearted River, Tragic Folk, Now You’re Gone, Old Muddy River, Deep Creek, Alaska, I’m feeling fine, Nine Below, Whisky & Gin, Employment Blues, and Sweet Wind.




Handprints of Our People
The music of Aaron White (Navajo/Ute) and Anthony Wakeman (Pottawatomi/Lakota) call to the heart and soul of all life. It creates a peaceful, tranquil mood and would be suitable for people who use this kind of music for meditation.
Burning Sky
Aaron White on guitar and Kelvin Bizahaloni on Native American flute with Michael Bannister on percussion performing original instrumental music influenced by Native American themes and contemporary styles.
The Blue Stone Project
Aaron White (vocals, guitar, Native American flute); Gary Rasmussen (guitar); Ed Michaels (drums, dumbek, tabla, percussion). Refreshing modern day lyrical subjects with roots in acoustic rock connection with driving blues rhythms tied together with traditional native flute music. Beautiful flow.

A Simple Man
American flute accompanied by guitar and bass. This multi-talented trio melds traditional melodies and contemporary forms to create a new music that reflects today’s Native America. Special guest artist Martha Redbone is featured on the song A Simple Man.

Enter the Earth
What Burning Sky does best is to bring together elements of both traditional native instruments and sound with contemporary folk, forming a hybrid that is always interesting, often good, and at times sublime. The music is emboldened by use of rattles, bodrhan, didgeridoo, mandolin, and various percussive instruments.

Spirits in the Wind
Was nominated at the 2003 Grammy Awards for Best Native American Music Album. Joining the haunting sounds of the Native American flute with acoustic guitar and ethnic percussion, Aaron White and Kelvin Mockingbird take you on a musical journey imbued with the enduring spirit of the their People, the Dine. With special guest, John Densmore.

Joining the haunting sound of the Native American flute with guitar, bass and percussion, Burning Sky creates an evocative musical prayer to the four directions and all the elements of life in their third release. Features Aaron White (Navajo-Ute) on acoustic guitar, synthesizer and rattles, Kelvin Bizahaloni (Navajo) on Native American flute, bass flute, didjeridu and bass and Michael Bannister on drums, percussion and dumbek.

Blood of the Land
The fluid, soothing tone of the traditional cedar flute is joined by an imaginative cascade of percussion and an acoustic guitar accompaniment that mixes folk, jazz and classical styles. The result is a contemporary sound enriched by the wealth of Native American tradition.

Full Moon Session
Guitar and native American flutes and percussion resulting in traditional ethnic music with a contemporary flair. Skychasers is Grammy nominee guitarist and Native flutist Aaron White accompanied by Native American flutist Tommy Lee.